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    Grief and Bereavement

    Has your child experienced the loss of a love one?

    Does he or she appear sad and express guilt about a loss?

    Does your child have academic difficulties or appear unmotivated to resume his extracurricular activities after experiencing a loss?

    Grief is a natural human response to loss, but that doesn’t mean that bereavement of a loved one isn’t an intense and, at times, desolate experience. While painful experiences are normal during this time, children may struggle with emotional fluctuations and extended sadness and grief.

    The Good Life Center For Mental Health can provide professional support after the loss of a love one to assist the mourning process. At the Good Life Center for Mental Health, we focus on helping children feel better and learn to cope with their grieving experience. We can help them learn to express and come to terms with the broad range of emotions involved in the grieving process, from expectable ones — sadness, loneliness, exhaustion – to those that come as a surprise, such as relief, anger, and a sense of confusion.

    So if your child

    • is having a difficult time coming to terms with a loss
    • appears overwhelmed with grief, fear, despair, or worry

    or you….

    • wish your child could live a happier, more connected life following a loss
    • would like professional support to help child better cope through the grieving process

    …Then grief and bereavement counseling may offer the support, guidance, and expert care you and your child need.

    Our clinicians work toward lessening the pain so children can function better in their post-loss life. We listen with empathy, discuss ways to deal with unhelpful and unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and teach techniques to manage distress.

    Please contact the Good Life Center today for an appointment.