• Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health, we recognize that children and adolescents are not just young adults but rather have unique and specific needs that require a high level of expertise. Our clinicians have the training and experience necessary to help children and adolescents address the challenges and distress that they encounter as they grow up. We have experience in helping children with a wide range of problems including emotional and behavioral difficulties, academic challenges, peer-related difficulties, and family conflict. We work collaboratively with schools, learning consultants, neuropsychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists and other specialized professionals to ensure that children’s comprehensive needs are identified and addressed.

    When parents or caregivers contact us for assistance, we listen to their concerns, provide them with support and help them to better understand their children’s difficulties. We also work with them to develop strategies that will enhance their children’s success. Simultaneously, we create a warm, supportive and motivating environment so that children can feel open, understood and excited about receiving help.

    We always begin services with a comprehensive assessment of the children’s presenting problems, needs, and expectations and consider their developmental level, academic and familial expectations, peer relationships, as well as the influence of social media. After the initial evaluation, our clinicians work collaboratively with children and families to develop an individualized treatment plan. While we include family members in the therapeutic process, we maintain the child as our primary client. We recognize the importance of maintaining children’s confidentiality in order to enable them to develop a trusting and open therapeutic relationship. In order to accomplish this, we strive to create an environment where children can express themselves freely, while receiving the necessary support from caregivers to maintain safety and support to achieve their goals. We schedule consultations with parents and other family members to discuss progress and address issues that may arise.

    The Good Life Center for Mental Health offers therapy using individual and group formats to enable children and adolescents to meet their full potential. Our therapists are trained in therapeutic evidenced-based practices including, TEAM therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Game-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (GB-CBT), Trauma-Informed Interventions.

    We provide services for: