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    Does your child appear down, sad, unmotivated and pessimistic?

    Does your child frequently appear tired, have difficulty sleeping or refuse to get out of bed?

    Have you noticed a change in your child’s appetite or your child gaining or losing weight?

    Does your child mention feeling like he or she is not good enough or can’t do anything right?

    Is your child reserved or less talkative?

    Is your child often moody, irritable and emotional?

    Does your child go into his or her room for hours at a time?

    Does your child seem easily frustrated and angry?

    Has your child been withdrawing from friends or family members?

    Does your child refuse to attend school or social events?

    Has your child’s academic performance started to decline?

    If any of these characteristics sound familiar, we want you to know you are not alone and that help is possible. Our clinicians can work with you and your child to improve his or her mood and experience pleasure and satisfaction again. It is possible for your child to re-engage in school activities, reconnect with other children, improve in school and experience enjoyment.

    So if you frequently hear your child say things like…

    • “I’m too tired to try.”
    • “I don’t want to leave home.”
    • “I don’t care anymore.”
    • “I never get a break.”
    • “I’m just no good.”
    • “Life is too hard.”
    • “No one gets me.”

    Or even…

    • “There is nothing in life to look forward to.”
    •  “I wish I wasn’t here.”
    •  “Everyone would be better off without me.”
    •  “I would be better off dead.”

    …There are effective treatments that can result in notable relief.  Our clinicians can provide your child with a host of strategies that may help. If you would like to take the next step toward helping your child feel better, please contact us today for an appointment.