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    Grief and Bereavement

    Did you suffer a sudden or expected loss of a love one?

    Did you experience a stillbirth, miscarriage or did you lose a young baby?

    Does someone close to you committed suicide?

    Did you sustain a body injury or did you loss a body function that drastically affect your ability to fulfill daily activities?

    Did you lose your job, had to change geographic location, loss your home or experience downward social mobility?

    Grief and bereavement are the natural emotional responses to any of these types of losses. It involves experiencing intense feelings, many of them unexpectedly and overwhelmingly.  Loss is a personal journey; while grieving can often foster compassion and connection among family and friends, it is also common for the griever to experience difficulties identifying and sharing feelings or experience inter-personal conflict.  Even, guilt, anxiety and anger may rise in addition to sadness and sorrow during grief.

    Bereavement counseling can provide a safe space to explore the struggles inherent to loss, with the support and understanding of a professional.

    So if…

    • You feel stunned or numb after experiencing a loss
    • Nostalgia, melancholy and yearning are overwhelming you
    • Fear, anxiety, or worry is keeping you from fulfilling everyday tasks
    • Anger and guilt seem relentless and don’t let you move forward
    • You want your emotional pain to lessen so you could be more connected

    …Then you may benefit from grief and bereavement counseling.  Our professional clinicians can help provide the empathy and understanding you need to get through the grieving process. We provide a safe place to discuss how to deal with unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, and teach you techniques to manage distress, enabling you to move forward.

    If this sounds like it might be helpful, please contact the Good Life Center for Mental Health for an appointment.  We will schedule a phone consultation to discuss how we can assist you in your healing journey.