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    Organizational Difficulties

    Does your child frequently leave tasks incomplete or lose track of the steps needed to complete assignments?

    Does your child have difficulty managing his or her time?

    Is your child forgetful and losing or misplacing items, like cellphones, keys, textbooks?

    These are not a result of laziness or character flaws. Rather, they may be signs of executive functioning difficulties, which allow children to plan, organize, and set in motion the steps necessary to accomplish tasks. At the Good Life Center For Mental Health we assist parents and children with securing the necessary educational and neuropsychological evaluations to appropriately identify and target needs. We work directly with your child to teach him or her time management and organizational skills necessary to break down tasks into manageable components and set achievable goals. Additionally, we are able to provide support to you and your child to manage the emotional impact of learning difficulties. We are also available to act as liaisons to the child’s school and provide you with the supports that you may need in navigating the educational system.

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