• Parenting Assistance

    Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs of all. Every parent wishes to raise children who are happy, loving, connect well with their peers, and have respect for themselves and others. Parents want their children to succeed socially, emotionally and academically while enjoying their lives. There is no doubt that being a “good” parent is not an easy task, particularly in today’s competitive world. We also recognize the unique challenges associated with raising children in this digital age. Clearly, there are many things to balance when raising children and adolescents, and chances are, that, at times, parents and adolescents feel overwhelmed and have difficulties coping with the multiple demands that they face. Parents may feel disconnected from their children or find their children to be defiant and oppositional. Other times parents’ may suffer from the pain of witnessing their children struggle with depression, anxiety and anger, as well as from seeing them face social and academic challenges.

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health we take pride in our desire and ability to assist parents in addressing the struggles of raising children from birth throughout adolescence and young adulthood. We believe that parents are the most important agent for building character and for children to succeed now and in the future. Our therapists create a warm and safe atmosphere for parents to explore family interactions and learn to become increasingly effective at building a supportive environment for themselves, their children and other family members. Therapy focusing on parenting practices can enhance parent-child relationships and parenting satisfaction.

    We begin with an initial assessment of parents’ relationships with their children, parents’ and children’s needs, their parenting styles, individual and cultural values, and their goals. Next, we collaborate with parents to assist them in learning to utilize practical, evidence-based strategies to build stronger bonds and nurture well-adjusted and emotionally intelligent children.

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health we partner with parents to assist them in bringing harmony and happiness back into their home. Experiencing the joy of watching one’s children grow up into responsible and valuable members of society is within your reach. We offer individual and group therapy services for parents.

    Reach out to us to learn more about the parenting services that we offer.