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    Perinatal Mental Health

    The decision to have a child brings up a plethora of positive and negative emotions as well as challenges. For some, these relate to getting pregnant, including infertility, making a decision to have a child on one’s own, or couples experiencing indecisiveness about whether to pursue a pregnancy.

    During the prenatal period there are considerable changes both emotionally and physically for both the pregnant mother and partner.  The birthing process, whether medically complicated or not, can have a tremendous psychological and physical impact. Moreover, following birth, the first year of life can be a physical and emotional roller coaster, different from any other experience in life. Seeking professional help during this time can be extremely important for your well-being. We are here to help you throughout the perinatal process, wherever you happen to be.  Whether you are confused, having symptoms of depression, anxiety, fears, obsessive thoughts, guilt, insecurities, relationship difficulties, or indecisiveness during the prenatal or postnatal period, feel free to reach out to us so that we can help you navigate this complex and challenging time.

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health, the therapeutic process starts with a comprehensive assessment, which is an opportunity for you and your therapist to get to know each other. During initial meetings, your therapist will strive to learn about your unique situation and perinatal journey. You and your therapist will then work collaboratively to set therapeutic goals and begin to address your therapeutic needs.  Treatment can focus on a number of difficulties that you or your partner may be facing including mood difficulties, relationship problems, concerns about parenting, or unwanted habits. At the Good Life Center for Mental Health, we recognize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Based on your therapeutic needs and with your permission, your therapist may consult with your other healthcare and wellness providers. This will enable your therapist to provide you with the most comprehensive and relevent care. It will also allow your therapist to provide strategies and tools that will best compliment the other care that you are receiving.