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    Self-Esteem Difficulties

    Does your child frequently make negative comments about his or her appearance or value as a person?

    Does your child frequently compare him or herself to others and views him or herself as inferior?

    Does your child blame him or herself for falling short of other’s expectations?

    Does your child often underestimate his or her ability?

    Does your child often give-up because she or he does not think that he or she will ever get it done?

    These are signs of low self-esteem.  Judging yourself harshly is an enormously painful experience that causes children to distrust themselves and have confidence in their abilities. The critical voice in your child’s mind is powerful and has a profound impact on the quality of his or her life.  Not only is this difficult for your child but also negatively impacts parents and others who care about your child.

    Is your child someone who:

    • Frequently states that he or she does not “fit in”?
    • Seems afraid of voicing his or her opinion, asking questions, or sharing his or her point of view?
    • Makes pejorative statements about him or herself now and in the future?

    If any of these experiences ring true, we are glad you found us.  Clinicians at the Good Life Center for Mental Health will guide your child toward a more realistic view of him or himself and his or her attributes and abilities.  We use evidence-based methods to help children acquire the tools necessary to improve their self–image, develop self–compassion, and experience self-acceptance. He or she will be able to view his strengths and weaknesses realistically and use them to set achievable goals. A life of self-respect and pride is a life worth living.  It is actually a very joyful life, and we can’t wait to show you and your child how to get there.

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