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    Social Skill Deficits

    Does your child appear anxious in social situations or have no friends?

    Does your child have difficulty establishing positive friendships with his peers?

    Does your child shy away from interacting with others or express fear or concerns about social interactions?

    Does your child have difficulty establishing eye contact or understanding other’s perspectives?

    Does your child get bullied or bully others?

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health we understand the importance of social relationships for children’s emotional development and well-being. We understand the pain experienced by children and caregivers when a child does not have positive social interactions, experiences peer rejection, or feels left out. Our clinicians work to build a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, for children to learn and practice strategies to improve the quality of their connections with others. We assist children on verbal and non–verbal communication skills so that they can establish lasting and positive connections with others.

    So, if your child is someone who…

    • longs for closer relationships
    • gets anxious when talking to strangers or in social gatherings with his peers
    • is sometimes socially awkward, and seems to struggle with conventional norms of social interactions

    … then we may be able to help. Please contact us to learn more and get started.