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    Does your child worry about school, or feel anxious and tense about participating in activities?

    Does your child worry about the possibility of catastrophic events, potential danger, or even experience rising panic?

    Does your child refuse to go to school, or is frequently “sick” asking to return home?

    Does your child struggle with recurrent thoughts that bring about fear, doubt and anxiety that compels him or her to engage in safety and seemingly nonsensical behaviors?

    Does your child seek reassurance from friends or family members to keep his or her doubts, worries, and fears at bay?

    These signs and symptoms are common in those suffering from anxiety disorders. Anxiety and fear can have paralyzing effects on many aspects of your child’s life.

    Parents often feel devastated when they learn that their children are suffering with unmanageable worries, feelings and behaviors. Children’s anxiety is not anyone’s fault, nor is caused by anything parents did or did not do.

    Our clinicians have experience working with children suffering from anxiety. Some of the difficulties that we can treat include: fears of objects or places, social phobias, separation anxiety, test anxiety, performance anxiety, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The evidence-based therapies that our clinicians utilize can enable children to effectively manage their symptoms, regain control over their lives, and experience greater joy.

    So, if your child frequently experiences…

    • Constant feelings of dread
    • A pounding heart, the racing heightened by the slightest of frights
    • An attitude of always anticipating the worst, regardless of evidence
    • Physical symptoms like headaches, sweating, shakes and jumpiness, trouble concentrating, a frequent need to urinate and stomach uneasiness
    • School refusal, and poor academic performance

    Or if your child often thinks…

    • “It’s safer to stay at home.”
    • “But what if…”
    • “I can’t breath / do this / relax / stop / switch off!”
    • “My parents or I could be in danger!”

    …Then we are glad you found us. Treatment can bring you and your child remarkable relief. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.