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    Self-Esteem Difficulties

    Are you disappointed with the way you view yourself and the person you have become?

    Do you struggle with a heavy heart when you compare yourself to others?

    Do you wish you looked different, were smarter, more educated, or had accomplished more academically, professionally or socially?

    Do you feel you have fallen short of the expectations you had for yourself and that others had of you?

    Do you envy the life others have?

    Do you wish you could carry yourself with more pride and self-respect?

    These are signs of self–rejection and low self–esteem.  Judging yourself harshly is an enormously painful experience that causes you to distrust yourself and your abilities. The internal dialogue that criticizes you is alive, powerful, and has a profound impact on the quality of your life.

    Do you experience any of the following?

    • You find yourself avoiding social situations that could potentially bring much joy, because you assume everyone views you poorly and you would “not fit in”.
    • You shy away from occupational and professional challenges because you predict that you will not succeed.
    • You feel self-conscious about asking questions, accepting help from others, and making your voice heard even when you know you are right.
    • You frequently keep your opinion to yourself because you don’t believe that there is value in your point of view.

    If any of these experiences ring true for you, we are glad you found us.  At the Good Life Center For Mental Health, we will provide you with the support you need to view yourself in a better light.  We rely on evidence-based methods to help you acquire the tools necessary to improve your self–image, develop self–compassion, and experience self-acceptance.  A goal of treatment is to view your strengths and weaknesses realistically and use them to achieve attainable goals. A life of self-respect and pride is a life worth living; it is actually a very joyful life. We can partner with you help you to get there. Please contact us for more information.