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    Are you feeling nervous, frightened, tense or on edge most of the time?

    Are you constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop?

    Do you constantly worry about unpleasant or even horrific things happening to yourself or your love ones?

    Have you experienced a sudden rush of scary physical sensations that come out of the blue and make you think that will die or go crazy?

    Do you often experience the urge to seek reassurance from friends or family members to keep your doubts, worries, and fears at bay?

    Do you struggle with recurrent thoughts that frighten you and compel you to engage in nonsensical behaviors?

    Do you spend more time cleaning, organizing, or going over and over again your writings or readings, and never finish tasks?

    Do you engage in worrying or rituals instead of enjoying activities and company?

    The thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are described above are common in people suffering from anxiety disorders.  Anxiety and fear are unpleasant feelings for anyone, but in extreme cases they can make you feel trapped and prevent you from fulfilling your everyday tasks.

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health, we have extensive experience helping people with anxiety problems.  Some of these difficulties include fears of objects or places, social difficulties and concerns about rejection, worries about being alone or being abandoned, anxiety about public performance, fear of being on public places, panic attacks, reactions to traumatic events, and obsessive thoughts and compulsions. The evidence-based methods that we use can enable you to more effectively manage your symptoms, regain control, and restore your ability to experience inner freedom.

    We would like to partner with you to help you manage the distress that your anxiety is causing. Treatment can help to improve your ability to accomplish tasks, allowing you to feel more self-confident and enhance your social relationships.

    So, if you frequently feel ….

    • Dread that something bad is going to happen
    • Overwhelmed by indecision or uncertainty
    • Terror that quickly develops into a racing heart, shortness of breath, or stomach discomfort

    Or if you often think…

    – “It’s safer to stay at home.”

    – “But what if…”

    – “I can’t breathe / do this / relax / stop my thoughts”

    – “I or those I care about could be in danger!”

    …Then we are glad you found us. Even though everyone feels anxiety, anxiety should not be running your life. The ability to experience greater joy and inner peace can be restored with treatment. Our evidence-based therapeutic methods can help to bring you substantial relief.  If you’d like us to assist you, please contact us today for an appointment.