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    Is sadness and despair overwhelming your experience of yourself and the world?

    Do you feel as if a dark cloud is hovering over you?

    Do you feel that luck is always against you?

    Do you feel that you are worse off than everyone around you?

    Do you feel alone and that nothing will help?

    Does even the simplest things seem too difficult to accomplish?

    Do you wish you could just leave, even though you don’t even know where to go?

    Are feelings of helplessness overwhelming you?

    Are you feeling a lack of pleasure in things you previously enjoyed?

    If you can identify with these descriptions, then you may be struggling with clinical depression. Depression can be temporary, striking because of overwhelming life events or it can be more persistent and last for months or even years.

    Regardless of its source, there is effective treatment for these symptoms. At the Good Life Center for Mental Health, we have extensive experience in helping clients improve their mood and quality of their life. We rely on evidence-based methods that can relieve emotional pain and aid clients’ recovery from debilitating symptoms.

    We would love to partner with you to help you get you back to the enjoyment you want. Treatment can bring back positive feelings, allowing you to improve your connection with yourself and others, achieve fulfillment and help you to function at your best.

    So if you’ve said to yourself…
    “I can’t do anything right.”
    “I’m a failure”
    “There is no point to even trying.”
    “I’m doomed.”
    “Nobody cares….”
    “I wish I wasn’t here.”

    … Then, let us help you. Give yourself a chance for a better life. You already took the first step by visiting this page. Contact us today so that we can discuss a plan to get you back on track.