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    Sleep Problems

    Are you struggling with difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or even insomnia?

    Do you awaken because of nightmares, obsessive thoughts or worries?

    Do you feel overrun with exhaustion after waking up in the morning or as your day unfolds?

    Does restless sleep leave you without energy and pessimistic about your ability to be productive every day?

    Do you dream of one day having a good night sleep and feeling alert and refreshed?

    At the Good Life Center, we understand the impact that faulty sleeping patterns can have on your life. Restful sleep is important for everyday functioning, and sleep deprivation can affect our ability to have a productive and fulfilling life.

    Repetitive nights of restless sleep can have detrimental effects on your physical and emotional health. It can result in difficulty focusing and concentrating, feel groggy and as if your mind is lost in a cloud. Sleep disruptions can make you irritable and on edge, which can impact the quality of your social interactions and relationships with others.

    While sleep problems may not seem like a common problem, it happens to be one of frequent that people face. In fact, sleep difficulties affect 10% to 18% of adults and 50% to 80 % of those affected by other mental health disorders. Sleep problems are commonly associated with anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, trauma history and chronic pain. In fact, sleep problems are not only a symptom of these disorders but can exacerbate the intensity of other symptoms. Furthermore, ongoing sleep problems can result in the development of other mental health problems.

    Fortunately, there are treatment strategies that can dramatically improve your sleep dysregulation, without the use of medications. Therapists at the Good Life Center for Mental Health have good success rates in treating sleep disturbances and insomnia and have received specific training for addressing this common problem. They use methods that are effective because they address the underlying causes of sleep difficulties.

    Treatment consists of first identifying negative thoughts and accompanying behaviors that bring about and maintain sleep dysregulation and insomnia. Next, evidence-based strategies are used to help create a more conducive internal and external environment to maximize sleep success. In relatively short period of time, with effective techniques, it’s possible for your sleep to drastically improve and you can experience relief.

    If you are struggling with sleep difficulties or chronic insomnia, please contact us to learn more about the services that we provide.