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    Relationship Difficulties

    At the Good Life Center for Mental Health we recognize how central interpersonal relationships are to one’s health and well-being. We also understand how painful it can be when we have difficulties establishing or maintaining relationships with others or when we have difficulties in a particular relationship. The ability to maintain harmonious personal connections is not necessarily easy. Because of its inherent difficulty, many people encounter high levels of relational stress that can leave them feeling defeated, detached and lonely. They may find themselves struggling with negative feelings towards themselves or others, as they get caught up in cycles of conflict. Impaired social relationships can lead to painful feelings of isolation and detachment from important people in our lives. At times, relational stress is so hard to manage that people may even experience a complete cut off from those they once loved.

    The good news is that even though developing meaningful and healthy relationships requires a specific set of skills, these skills can be taught and learned. Those who can improve their style of communication can bring about profound improvement in the level of closeness, support and satisfaction that they feel. Improved relationships can lead to deeper interpersonal bonds and ultimately internal and relational satisfaction.

    The clinicians at the Good Life Center for Mental Health can provide the tools necessary to improve social interactions and establish more intimate connections. 

    We will begin by examining your patterns of communication to determine what is causing or maintaining your interpersonal conflicts or leaving you feeling detached. Next, we will guide you through practices that will teach you how to improve your communication style and connections with others. The tools that are taught can be invaluable assets to restore relationships with intimate partners, family members, co-workers and supervisors, as well as relationships with acquaintances and friends.