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    Friends and Acquaintances

    Do you struggle with taking the steps necessary to get closer to others and feel detached?

    Do you experience tension or conflict when you interact with your acquaintances?

    Do you get caught up in power struggles and have difficulties managing your anger towards others?

    Do you feel anxious in social situations and shy away from closer connections?

    Do you long for more enjoyment and fun in your social interactions?

    While we desire relationships and connections with others beyond our immediate families, we may experience difficulty establishing and maintaining these relationships. Many of us find social interactions awkward, anxiety provoking, or get caught up in power struggles and conflict with friends and acquaintances. The strain we experience in social situations brings about unnecessary distress, lack of self-confidence and feelings of self-doubt.  These are very painful emotions that impact every aspect of our lives.

    If you are someone who…

    • looks for closer connections
    • wishes there was more care and less conflict with your friends
    • get anxious when talking to strangers or in social gatherings
    • feel socially awkward and struggle finding the right words to express your self or respond in certain social situations

    … then we may be able to help.  At the Good Life Center, our clinicians can assist you in improving your communication and interpersonal skills to increase your confidence and bring you closer to others. While conflict can surface in every human interaction, if it is handled skillfully with warmth and respect, there is a great chance to develop closer and more meaningful relationships.

    The therapists at our Center are trained in managing relationship conflicts, attachment difficulties and social anxiety. We will assist you in examining your patterns of interactions from a different lens which will help you identify what is causing or maintaining your interpersonal difficulties with friends and acquaintances.  Our therapists will guide you through role-playing exercises that will increase your level of comfort in your interactions with others. The methods could help increase your confidence, diminish your emotional pain, and bring about increased joy in your social connections.

    Please contact us if you are interested in exploring these services.