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    Family Members

    Do you wish there was more harmony and connection in your household?

    Are you spending more time arguing with your family members than communicating effectively?

    Do you get anxious or angry when talking to your siblings and parents?

    Are gatherings with extended family members such as cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents a source of stress and anger rather than pleasure?

    Do you wish there was more connection and fun in your relationships with your children, siblings and extended relatives?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Good Life Center for Mental Health may be able to assist you. The clinicians at our Center recognize the impact that interpersonal relationships have in one’s functioning.  They also understand the external and internal challenges that function as obstacles to improved family relationships. Client’s that reach out to the center for assistance for help with changing dysfunctional family dynamics can learn practical tools that can bring rapid changes in the interactions they have with their family members. The Center’s therapists work collaboratively with clients to assist them in improving their interpersonal skills in order to bring about profound improvement in the level of closeness, support, and satisfaction in their family connections.

    Good Life Center for Mental Health therapists will work with you in identifying and understanding intergenerational difficulties that you and your family members are experiencing so that these dynamics are broken and not passed down to your children and grandchildren. The Center’s clinicians assist clients in learning strategies to identify the unspoken rules and roles that are blindly obeyed in families and set up interventions that can improve communication and relationships. Our goal is to help clients develop the relationships they long for, without experiencing the emotional pain inherent in family conflict and feeling disconnected.

    Please contact us to learn about the services that we offer and how we may be able to help you.