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    Habits and Procrastination

    Do you find it hard to get motivated to tackle complicated projects at home or work?

    Do you feel overwhelmed when looking at your to do list and end up avoiding the tasks all together?

    Do you feel remorse and guilt for not completing what you had set out to do?

    Do you struggle with repetitive habits that interfere with your activities and obligations?

    Do you frequently experience urges to pull your hair, pick your skin or bite your nails to the point that you cannot accomplish tasks?

    Do you wish you could stop yourself from overeating or smoking but are reluctant to give up the comfort or enjoyment of these activities?

    If you can identify with any of these questions, you are likely dealing with procrastination or another habit. Procrastination is a problem commonly underestimated by those who have a tendency to eternally postpone. However, research has shed light on the significant impact of those who are unable to readily engage in and complete tasks. People who procrastinate tend to live below their full potential.  They have a hard time engaging in complicated projects, usually experience dissatisfaction with their jobs, and tend to be bypassed for job promotions. Furthermore, these people tend to be critical of themselves and experience emotional distress.

    Have you ever experienced the following:

    You believe that you will never have enough motivation to tackle difficult projects and tasks.

    You feel defeated and disappointed at yourself for not performing at your best or completing the goals that you set out to finish.

    You criticize yourself because of your inability to get rid of unhealthy habits, such as overeating.

    You feel you are too lazy to engage in successful weight loss or exercise routine.

    You are engaging in hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting and believe that these habits are too difficult to change.

    If any of these ring true, then the Good life Center for Mental Health may be able to help you.  You are in the right place to start taking better control of your life.  We will assess your desire to change your habit and help you set realistic goals. If we collaboratively roll up our sleeves and partner on setting achievable targets, we can work together to help you regain a sense of control and identify strategies that will bring about desired outcomes.  Please contact us today to get started.