• Springfield Township, NJ

    The Good Life Center for Mental Health offers assistance to residents of the neighboring town of Springfield. Our Center is located Our Center is located 13 minutes (11.2 miles) away from Morris Ave.

    The Center provides services for residents of Springfield to meet their specific therapeutic needs. Our services are comprehensive and we will tailor treatment to the precise needs of every individual who reaches out to us seeking assistance.  We offer sessions both in-person as well as through secure video and have an online client portal for secure messaging and to retrieve invoices.  Our office has ample parking, is handicap accessible and offers a warm and inviting environment complete with comfortable furniture.

    For adults in need of support, we provide professional psychotherapeutic services for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and self–esteem difficulties. We offer assistance to clients seeking to better cope and control undesirable habits as well as difficulties associated with procrastination.

    To address clients’ therapeutic needs, our therapists utilize a number of therapeutic modalities including TEAM Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), ERP and I-CBT for OCD, trauma-informed treatments and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Clients are provided with individual services, family sessions and/or group therapy services (when available).

    Our Center is conveniently located 8 minutes (2.4 miles) away from Mountain Ave.

    Directions from Springfield:

    Follow Kew Dr to Mountain Ave 41 sec (0.1 mi)

    Follow Shunpike Rd and Baltusrol Way to Crescent Rd 4 min (1.3 mi)

    Turn left onto Crescent Rd 29 sec (0.1 mi)

    Follow Morris Tpke to Millburn 2 min (0.7 mi)

    Drive to your destination 53 sec (0.1 mi)